Let me tell you about my life on an Swedish island right in the middle of the Baltic Sea, Gotland. Since I am a Happy Apple User, I also like to write about that!

Isolated island or meeting point?

People often think about Gotland as an isolated island. They look at the sea as a broad border of water. And somehow they want it to be like that. They want to keep their inner pictures of Gotland as an remote place filled with nostalgic dreams. A place for escape, freedom and peace. But Gotland […]

iPad is in da house!

Today we have welcomed our new iPad! Just by chance I happened to notice that the day and the date on the box, is actually todays’ day and date: wednesday 27. Hey! What about that?

The keyword is: iPad

By some annoying reason Apple have not yet launched iPad in Sweden. So, we are waiting and waiting. Last week me and Roine got inspired and decided that we will explore how we can work with producing ebooks, magazines and other stuff for iPad. Roine has been participating at a seminar about iPad and came […]

TV4 sends show from the south of Gotland, Burgsvik

Mediapeople likes Gotland and some of them spend a lot of time here. That’s why Gotland is popular when they do articles, tv and even movies. This trailer is from ”Så mycket bättre”/”So much better”. They have gathered a couple of artists and let them perform each others songs. They were living at Grå Gåsen/Grey […]

Autumn de Forest – great young painter!

We are sitting by our kitchen table, sipping tea and coffee for breakfast and we are totally amazed by this eight year old girl who is such a natural talent in painting. Part of her greatness is when she tells her stories about how she was thinking while creating her master pieces. Children got abilities, […]

My friend Pigge interviewed by Radio Netherlands Worldwide

A few days ago I was posting photos to Sid who works at Radio Netherlands Worldwide. They have made an interview with my friend Pigge Werkelin about when the tsunami hit Thailand in 2004, how Pigge survived but lost his wife and two kids. He struggled to find their bodies and had them cremated. All […]

Furillen in swedish television

My friend Johan Hellström has turned an old abandoned factory into a design hotel. That place – Furillen, is actually an island situated at the north-east coast of Gotland and is very popular among photographers. The most photographed place in Sweden! All the big fashion magazines have been there, like Vogue for example.

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