Let me tell you about my life on an Swedish island right in the middle of the Baltic Sea, Gotland. Since I am a Happy Apple User, I also like to write about that!

Cyber-infrastructures and iTunes 10

Internet and world wide web have made a huge difference in the world. There is no doubt about that. Today we are worrying about internets capacity to grow and the horror vision from the future is the moment when the whole system falls apart. If it does. I am optimistic. I believe in the human […]

Valknutar part 2

We were passing by the memory stone at Tängelgårda. What memory stone? Well if you read when I wrote about stones with ”valknutar” you will know what stones I refer to. Today I found out that the original stones have been moved to Bungemuséet. But the farmer thought it would be nice to mark the […]

I feel like… working?

We have had a splendid summer on Gotland. Well, to be honest, there has been a mix of sunny hot days and really massive rains. Extreme weather. August is like summers dessert and I hope there will still be sunny days to enjoy. But even so, work is all over me now. Tomorrow I will […]

Turning military land into civil land

Bungenäs is situated at the north-east of Gotland. It is a peninsula. It has a history with stone industry and then as a military training area. Today Bungenäs is civil and owned by Joachim Kuylenstierna. He wants to turn this area into a place where people like artists, surfers and naturelovers can feel free and […]

Smoked fish

When I was a kid and we went to Gotland for vacation, I remember how we bought smoked flounders and then my parents would choose a really nice spot in the nature where we could sit and eat our smoked flounders. Part of the delightful experience was eating with our fingers. Ah how good the […]

Coincidence or just logical?

A couple of days ago I made contact with a man living in Santa Cruz, by the coastline in California. Our connection had originally to do with computer software, but when he found out that I live on Gotland he said that he was interested in runestones and would like to visit Gotland and see […]

Small world or Expanding world?

When I think back to 1982 when I was twenty, Gotland seemed to be a very remote and dull place in the middle of the Baltic Sea. Even if I thought the nature was ever so beautiful I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that ”everything happened somewhere else”. Gotland was not the center of […]

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