Let me tell you about my life on an Swedish island right in the middle of the Baltic Sea, Gotland. Since I am a Happy Apple User, I also like to write about that!

Apple’s next innovation will be, eh, MacBooks?

There’s a lot of talk going on about Apple and what will become their next innovation. The pressure to deliver innovations get harder and harder for every year. Apple’s shareholders are very demanding and it sometimes seems like anything except miracles are regarded on as disappointments… The buzz is about an iWatch or some new […]

My Christmas Greeting 2013

Now it’s time for the annual Christmas Greeting. It’s become like a tradition for me to create a short animation every Christmas. This is the fith Christmas film that I publish on YouTube, though one year I wrote a story about Mr Polar Bear in stead. I hope that all of you are feeling the […]

Apple’s genius business model

Two years ago I wrote about ”Google, Android and diffuse business models”. I didn’t like that Google and Android have created a kind of mystified business model and compared to Apple and Amazon which both have business models that are easy to understand = you get from where they get their money. A lot has […]

Fingerprint thieves?

Since we got the news about Apple’s iPhone 5S with a fingerprint sensor, there has been so many speculations about how dangerous it might be. Dangerous? Come on, really? The first one is that Apple will collect a bank of fingerprints. Of course they will, because it’s so handy to have many fingerprints, they are […]

Samsung don’t get it – send out spies!

If we boil down this question about why Apple haters and/or Android users consider Apple users to be part of a cult, we end up with the simple fact that they don’t get the full concept of Apple. If they did, Samsung wouldn’t have to send out spies to Apple stores to ask questions to […]

Belonging to the Apple cult?

One of the most boring arguments that I hear from Apple haters is that all of us that uses Apple’s devices are part of a cult. It annoys me, because that means that I’m like under a spell and once I got captivated by that spell, my brain stopped working and Apple took over the […]

Business as usual in the Apple world

Despite all the negative investors, Apple is doing fine as a company. It’s still hot no matter what you Apple-haters say. Anyone heard of a big fuzz when Android releases a new OS? Yesterday my feed on Facebook was filled with friends that was upgrading to iOS7 or at least tried to, because, apparently so […]

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