Let me tell you about my life on an Swedish island right in the middle of the Baltic Sea, Gotland. Since I am a Happy Apple User, I also like to write about that!

Apple’s big system has many entrances

You always need a reason to buy something or start to use a new technique. When I bought my first MacPlus computer it was just to get something more modern than a typewriter – hey, it was 1989 and we didn’t even know about the internet. Soon I found out that I also could use […]

Visby in November

Inlägg av Segerberg Media. This is a beautiful video shot by Olof Segerberg showing Visby, on the island of Gotland, in grey November 2014. Note the Pride week’s rainbow flags on the church.

The Big Apple Kingdom

Apple is an incredible successful company. It’s position as the number one trendsetter in the world of computers, smartphones, tablets and soon wearables is undeniable. Others may try, but it is what Apple do that sets the standard. One of the new really hot things they have come up with is Apple Pay. Yesterday I […]

Bendgate? Or just nonchalant iPhone users?

Today I stood in an office with seven persons. We came to talk about iPhone 6 and the buzz around that it’s possible to bend it. Everyone laughed. Did they laugh at Apple? No. They laughed at the stupid users who buy a high tech item that is deliciously designed to fit the highest standards […]

My wishes for the next iPhone

Every day I see new articles about the iPhone 6 which is not launched and probably won’t be launched earlier than August – according to the rumors. This basic fact doesn’t stop people from writing about what the new iPhone will be like. The bigger screen size is by now like a fact, even though […]

Apple does it again – excellent service!

I’m a Happy Apple user and since 1989 there has only been a few occasions when I had to contact the Apple support. They have handled everything fine and once they really shocked me in a positive way. The screen of my iBook stopped working. I live on the island of Gotland, right in the […]

Ideas, inventions and Apple.

Yesterday Apple announced financial results for its fiscal 2014 first quarter ended December 28, 2013. They are splendid and magnificent as usual. Lot’s of experts write about Apple and some of them is quite reasonable, but others have the most peculiar expectations and suggestions of what Apple should do and they usually complain about Apple […]

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