Business as usual in the Apple world

Despite all the negative investors, Apple is doing fine as a company. It’s still hot no matter what you Apple-haters say. Anyone heard of a big fuzz when Android releases a new OS?

Yesterday my feed on Facebook was filled with friends that was upgrading to iOS7 or at least tried to, because, apparently so many wanted to get iOS7 at once, that we had some technical problems with downloading it. Some persons I know stayed up very late to do this, others actually woke up in the middle of the night to get iOS7…

Today I have got some reports saying that people in Stockholm were so obsessed by checking out how their new iOS7 worked, that they almost forgot to get off the train or the bus at the right station… hey, I wonder when I will get the news about someone who actually did forget!

One week ago when Apple launched the 5C and the 5S everyone talked about it the next day. It seems like everyone wants the gold iPhone…

Conan O’Brian has produced a hilarious video about the Gold iPhone!

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