Apple does it again – excellent service!

I’m a Happy Apple user and since 1989 there has only been a few occasions when I had to contact the Apple support. They have handled everything fine and once they really shocked me in a positive way. The screen of my iBook stopped working. I live on the island of Gotland, right in the middle of the Baltic sea. The only city is Visby and I live in Kappelshamn, 43 kilometers north of Visby.

They sent a car to pick up my iBook on a Tuesday, before lunch. Then I could follow how my iBook went by plane to Stockholm then Amsterdam. To my big surprise, the car came back on Thursday, before lunch and delivered my iBook! Two days. I had prepared myself to be without the iBook for at least a week.

This is the kind of stories I tell people and I always recommend people to buy Apple products. I even earn some money as being an Apple coach for those who needs a helping hand when they change from PC to Apple. One of my clients that started to use Apple two years ago has been very happy and for the first time he decided to learn how his computers and devices works and he’s not afraid to try to do things on his devices, like he was before.

He bought a new iPad mini in December, went on vacation and accidentally broke the glass screen… When he was back in Sweden I recommended him to contact the Apple Support online. So he did and to start with it seemed to work out fine, but then it evolved into a really terrible story of bad customer support. I won’t give you the details, but it was so bad, that when my client told me about it I felt that I had to do something. I couldn’t think of anything else but writing a mail to Tim Cook. I didn’t expect him to answer or do anything special, it was more that I thought he ought to know about this bad treatment.

The next day I got a phone call, ”Hello, I’m calling because of the mail you sent to Tim Cook…” Oh? I got really surprised and happy. I told the man about what had happened and he wanted me to ask my client if it was okay if he contacted my client. And of course it was okay.

Today my client mailed me and told me that the issue was solved and he didn’t have to pay anything.

I am so happy. My trust in Apple is restored. I will for sure continue to recommend Apple’s devices to everyone. It means a lot to know that Tim Cook actually payed attention to the mail I wrote.

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