Ideas, inventions and Apple.

Yesterday Apple announced financial results for its fiscal 2014 first quarter ended December 28, 2013. They are splendid and magnificent as usual. Lot’s of experts write about Apple and some of them is quite reasonable, but others have the most peculiar expectations and suggestions of what Apple should do and they usually complain about Apple not being innovative enough and also not visualizing their future development as much as those experts want them to.

Me, I’m like a question mark when I read articles of the latter kind.

Who is it that truly wants Apple to speak out loud, in advance, about their plans? I think it would be a disaster if they started to talk about their plans in public. Don’t they have enough problems with copycats all ready, why give away ideas to copycats before it’s time to launch the products?

When it comes to innovations, Apple is the master. Apple is innovation from it’s heart. We have absolutely no reason to doubt that Apple is working on fantastic innovations that we don’t yet know about. Some people complain about Apple not being innovative and then even defines what innovative is: ”to produce an iPhone with a bigger screen”. Eh? Maybe Apple will produce an iPhone with a bigger screen, but that doesn’t exactly count as an innovation if you ask me.

It’s no point for people outside Apple to decide what ”innovation” they should come up with. It’s just plain stupid. Also, a lot of time, the things people refer to as the wanted innovations, are not even innovations, they are more like ideas.

Apple’s thing is to come up with new, revolutionizing concepts that change our behavior. They don’t just sell devices, they sell concepts, behavior systems that we, the users of Apple devices implant in our lives.

It’s easy to come up with ideas. People come up with ideas all the time. It’s not difficult to think out new ideas. It’s difficult to make ideas work. To come up with ideas that work and give economic revenue is even harder. To get the right people to get together and start to work towards the same goal: to make the idea real, is another stepping stone. And so on. You have to solve a lot before we can talk about an innovation

When people complain about Apple not being inventive enough, I can’t understand what they expect from Apple? Really, anyone that thinks that Apple is not inventive enough has their freedom to show Apple what it’s like to be inventive! Go ahead, just do it, how hard can it be?

It’s not like Apple are experiencing hard times and they are not even expecting hard times. On the contrary, the iPhone has just entered the Chinese market and other parts of the world is following. Apple is for sure cooking up something behind their walls and when the time is right, the true innovations will be revealed to the world.

I trust Apple to continue to be innovative and to plan their future. I don’t want them to talk about neither their innovations nor their secret plans in advance. When they start to reveal their secrets in advance, that will be the day to start to worry and sell every Apple share…

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