Bendgate? Or just nonchalant iPhone users?

Today I stood in an office with seven persons. We came to talk about iPhone 6 and the buzz around that it’s possible to bend it. Everyone laughed. Did they laugh at Apple? No. They laughed at the stupid users who buy a high tech item that is deliciously designed to fit the highest standards and then puts in the backpocket of their jeans, sits on it and complains because it bends.

We talk about an item that some people consider to be a luxury item and one woman in the room said ”Hey, my iPhone is a little computer, my most important work tool!”

Many use snuff in Sweden and they put their snuffbox in their pockets. There is a big difference between a snuffbox and an iPhone. In fact it’s an insult to both the iPhone and Apple to put an iPhone in the back pocket. To do that and then sit on it is plain stupid.