Waiting for the bad news about Apple

I bought my Apple stocks in January and since then I have tried to learn what the stock market is like. Or, rather, what the market for Apple shares is like, because it seems it has a life of it’s own. Apple is an outstanding successful company that comes up with one great, mind-blowing product after another. Apple leads technical innovations when it comes to computers, smartphones and tablets.

I have bought Apple products since April 1988 and the main reason for that is that the products are great and I like all the possibilities these capable tools give me.

A lot of people can’t understand how many people we are that find Apple’s products to be fantastic, so they have created another explanation to why we Apple-fans buy these products and the answer they have found is that we all were mesmerized by Steve Jobs. And, according to that theory, people will stop buying Apple products because Steve Jobs died last autumn.

So, like hungry wolves they watch out for every sign that will fit to their theory. I think they are quite successful too, so that a lot of people who don’t know so much about Apple, actually have noticed this and thinks about it as a truth. Now when Apple reported it’s June quarter results, these wolves find their signs when the result is a little bit lower than what was estimated. But the fact is that Apple still sales an amazing lot of devices…

If I look at what Apple actually performs and how they sell to a larger market all the time I feel very optimistic about Apple’s future. Steve Jobs did a great job, but Tim Cook and the rest of the Apple people are still doing a great job. I can’t agree that Steve Jobs is the only key to future success for Apple. I think he has implanted methods, inspiration and high standards in Apple’s organization and that Apple is about people working together. The first year after his death have probably affected a lot of them emotionally, but I’m convinced that they still do a good job.

I think it’s more important to look outside Apple if you want to find threats to their success.  I think that Windows 8 has the potential to become a threat because it has its’ own personality and Microsoft is a company that is well known. But Microsoft has also done a lot of mistakes, so it might not be possible for them to create a new success. Then there might be someone else. It takes a lot to fight for market shares with Apple, but you never know what the coming innovations will be like. There are still (and will be for ever I guess) ways to make life easier, more productive and more fun for people and someone is bound to get a new idea that will become a worldwide success.

I can’t imagine that the Apple people walks around worrying about how to manage without Steve Jobs. I think they are on their toes to stay hungry and innovative. That’s why I will keep my Apple shares for a very long time.

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