Oh, one more wish to Apple!

I just realized that I actually have one more wish to Apple. It’s not a small wish. It’s a wish that’s really hot and if my wish comes true I will jump and scream and there is a chance you will see a tear in my eye.

What I want most of all dear Apple, is a big iPad Pro. I love to sketch and draw on my iPad, but the tools are not yet precise enough. If I want to make an illustration for professional use, I have to use my Wacom tablet. I know that it’s possible to buy touch sensitive screens that I can connect to my MacBook Pro, but as I have become used to working on my iPad, everything else starts to feel a bit clumsy.

A big iPad Pro includes a Digital Pro Pen. I would also like to have a stand for it and a separate keyboard so that I also can use it like I use my iMac today. It also includes cooperation by Corel so that they will optimize Corel Painter for this iPad Pro.

Somewhere deep inside I have carried this wish for a long time. I know it’s about time I buy a new Wacom tablet, but I can’t make myself to do that, because I believe so strongly that Apple will deliver this big iPad Pro very soon. If not in 2012 they got to do it in 2013. It would be a natural development of their devices.

I beg you Mr Tim Cook, please make my wish come true! *smiling very nice*