Stenstrominfo has got our first job in California!

Yesterday evening the deal was set: Stenstrominfo are going to create a homepage for Bender Optometric Group in California.

Stenstrominfo is a small company in Sweden. Actually, we live and work on Gotland, Sweden’s biggest island right in the middle of the Baltic Sea. How come we got a job offer from California?

Well, we know Professor Niklas Myhr who lives in Orange County and he has acted like our sales agent. He asked if we wanted to do jobs in California and of course, it would be an interesting challenge!

You might wonder what a small company in Sweden can offer a company in California? We asked ourselves the same question, I mean, the art of building home pages was born in California, wasn’t it? So, what is it that we do better? I’m not sure about the answer but I think that we work closer to our customers on Gotland which means we really care about the result. It’s very embarrassing to fail when everyone on an island knows who did the job… Also, we have developed a way to work which is based on trying to find a company’s personality, heart and soul. I have seen a lot of good home pages made in USA, but I have also seen many home pages that are more like a newer version of the telephone book – neither hot nor cool.

We are very proud that we have got our first job in California and we hope that we will get the chance to get more customers in USA or at other places in the world.

Think local, act global!