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Sometimes I pick up signals from people (90% men) that can’t understand my interest for social media. They nod to each other, make jokes like ”Has anyone been on Facebook today? Well, we know Åsa has…” and the underlying meaning is that I’m kind of a strange person who waste my time on social media. Sometimes I take my time to talk to them and try to make them understand why I spend so much time on social media, why I find it both fascinating and necessary, but if they aren’t interested there is not much I can do about it and I don’t really have the time to convert social media suspicious to social media interest. If they don’t get it, they don’t get it and I just go on minding my own business and part of that is doing my business in social media.

Today started with a question from a university in California. An international class will go to Scandinavia and they were thinking of Gotland as a place to visit, did I know any companies and persons they should meet? Yes of course! I wrote a long list with suggestions. How was that good for my business? Well, one thing leads to another. In this case I’m not sure what it could lead to, but it comes natural to me to help out.

Then I contacted a person who found my company on internet searching for a special solution and sent me a request. Well, that was not exactly about social media, but I wrote about it on Facebook and it was fun to get my friends reactions, they wished me luck and it’s part of my marketing to make a buzz about my daily work.

Another friend contacted me on the Facebook chat. She made a request about me giving a lecture about social media. I will come back with an offer to her.

When I mentioned that on Facebook, a woman sent me a message with information about an organization that might need my services.

A couple of hours before lunch I got an invitation, via Facebook events, for a lunch walk together with some businesspeople – I couldn’t go with them today, but now I know that they do this lunch walk every Thursday.

We had lunch at a restaurant that gives excellent and nice information on their Facebook page.

Back at the office I checked a secret Facebook group to get the last changes in a presentation for a project, I made the changes and then I had a meeting with a man – do I need to say that we booked the meeting using Facebook?

So, have anyone been on Facebook today? Yes, I have. And so have a lot of my business contacts. I think people should worry less about if I have been on Facebook today and start to worry about the opportunities they might miss if they don’t spend enough time on Facebook every day… How can they afford to not pay attention to Facebook?

Now I have to check my Twitter. See you later folks!

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  1. Darryl Tay
    Darryl Tay says:

    It’s not odd to spend so much time in social media, particularly in Facebook. Billions of people around the world are using Facebook, and daily active users number around the hundred millions. So I won’t be surprised if you’re using Facebook every day, especially since you are a businesswoman. Most businesses that I know have a Facebook fan page, and it is one of their most active marketing avenues.

  2. Åsa Stenström
    Åsa Stenström says:

    Darryl, this kind of comment make me so sad. It’s not the comment in itself, it is well written and for a moment I thought it was written to me from a person.

    Then I clicked on your name and was transported to your companies website and surprise surprise, you offer services to companies using social media.

    If you ask for my opinion about that, I would say that you spoiled the personal touch with linking to a companies website and that shows that the company doesn’t really live up to the standards about being social in social media.

    You disappointed me. You tried to be smart and take a shortcut, but relationships in social media is about creating personal relations. Even if it leads to doing business, it starts with personal relations. That’s my opinion and that’s how I use social media.

  3. Jennie
    Jennie says:

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