Apple: It’s not about technical products – it’s about creativity, unleashed power and inspiration!

Naturally there has to be a counter-reaction to all the fuss around Steve Jobs’ death. There are always people that sign up to take the opposing point of view, to point out the flip-side of the glory… Like Hamilton Nolan at Gawker. Sigh.

I understand that it can be frustrating to work in areas where you meet a lot of human misery, that it can be like a hostile challenge to read the news about all the money that big companies make which is the result of a lot of people spending money to get their products, when there are so many larger and more pressing needs in the world. But when people think like that, I believe that they lack in knowledge and experience. They look at technical products like if they are just pieces of metal, plastic and glass put together and sold at an expensive store. They regard these technical products to be just luxury objects and maybe they believe that people buy them just to show off.

From my point of view that is totally wrong. I am not the type of person that likes luxury objects. I don’t have any expensive jewelry, I never buy expensive cars, I don’t buy designer jeans and stuff like that. The reason to why I love Apple is not that I like to collect things. I like to do things. I have always liked to write, create pictures, create songs and sing. When I understood that Apple could inspire me to do more of that and do it in a better way I fell in love with Apple. I didn’t fall in love with the material product, a Macintosh computer, no, I fell in love with the vision and carefully thought out solutions. I fell in love with the fact that this was a computer that wanted the user to feel good about themselves. I fell in love with the fact that Apple has always worked hard to make their products easy to use. I felt like Apple cared about me and wanted me to have a better life. And I did.

I have used my Apple devices in my work with information and market communication. By doing that I have helped people to achieve their goals. I have been part of the visions, plans and development of the island I live on, Gotland. I have written a book that has been a comfort to migraine sufferers. I have personally helped people having different problems with using mail, chat and other social media. I have been part of the actions to save our harbor in the village where I live, Kappelshamn. I am not doing all this because of Apple and I could probably have done some of it without my Apple devices – but Apple has been a great help and inspiration. Apple makes my work fun.

You can’t talk about Apple without talking about Steve Jobs, because his vision has been the driving force. And I am ever so grateful.

Imagine all the things that have been done on our planet thanks to Steve’s vision and devotion! Writers, moviemakers, artists, musicians, designers – yes, those were the first to get the beauty of it, but don’t forget all the scientists that also understood the beauty of Macintosh and used it for research about climate change, disease, poverty and so on! All the doctors, the architects, the politicians and the newspapers using Apple solutions. Of course, some of them use PC, but PC and windows are running one step behind Apple to try to copy the ideas. PC-people always claim that you can do everything on a pc too, but really, we all know that Apple sets the standard. And for decades that means Steve Jobs set the standard.

During the last years we have all experienced the Social Media revolution. The creation of iPhone has played an important role in making Social Media available from almost any spot of the world as long as you have Wi-Fi or 3G. Followed by the iPad. Oh yes, there are other smartphones and touch pads, but again, Apple set the standard. And, thanks to these devices and the Social Media tools we saw revolutions and overthrown dictators. Apple has played an important role in all that, because Apple showed the world that computers are for humans and will be able to help humans to achieve great things.

Without Steve Jobs we would probably still have computers with ugly, difficult interfaces that would repel a lot of potential computer users like myself. That doesn’t mean that I believe that Steve Jobs was God. To me it’s just a fact that he achieved marvelous things. I can’t think of another person that impresses more.

PS. This is a great article about Steve Jobs and Apple’s impact on Social Media, author
Karen North.

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