To copy or create?

I have no respect for Samsung and their way to copy Apple in so many ways. It’s embarrassing. Some people claim that it’s almost impossible to produce smartphones and tablets without using solutions similar to Apple’s. That is of course bullshit and a poor excuse for any copy cat. If you WANT to, it’s possible to come up with solutions that have a ”personality” that’s differs from Apple’s. How hard can it be?

Therefor I am so happy about Windows 8 which is created for both computers and handheld devices. I am not a Microsoft fan and the simple reason is that I think that Apple comes up with better products. Though, when it comes to Windows 8 I think Microsoft has made a huge effort to come up with something that has it’s own personality. I haven’t got a clue about how it works, I can only tell from the looks, but it makes me happy.

I think it’s been rather boring for a while with Apple at the top and no real competitors, just a bunch of ”wanna-be-Apple-companies”. Even Apple needs some competitors to count with. To compete with companies like Samsung that never seems to come up with great ideas could probably turn Apple into a fat cat – content, safe and not trying hard enough.

Also, Apple needs inspiration to keep up the ”Think Different”-attitude. A mental kick, some irritation and a competitor that comes up with good solutions means a lot.

I repeat: I know nothing about how good Windows 8 is when you actually use it, but it looks different from the other solutions I’ve seen and that’s a very good start.

So, even though I still think most people would be happier if they used Apple’s computers and devices, I also think that Microsoft has done a honorable effort to create something of their own. They are worth a lot of credit for that. It will also make it easy for people to recognize Windows 8 because it has a very specific design.

That’s another reason to why I don’t understand all the copy-cats – people will think of them as an option for those who can’t afford Apple or have other reasons for not being able to use the devices they would prefer to use, like on working places were they make overall decisions to buy Android smartphones and everyone seems to get a bit ashamed when they use their HTC or whatever it is. So ashamed that they come up with excuses ”I wish I could have an iPhone of course… but…”

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