Tim Cook: Where is my iPad Maxi?

July 9th I wrote my first blogpost about a big iPad. Then I called it an iPad Pro, but as we all know there was an iPad Mini that got introduced during this autumn, so maybe iPad Maxi will be a more logic name?

I need an iPad Maxi more for every day. One of the cool features with an iPad is that we can carry it with us in a ”normal” bag or like we carry a book. Mobility is one of the key factors to iPad’s success. Another factor is touch control. We touch the screen to make it do stuff. We work closer to an iPad than to our computers.

I understand the need for a smaller iPad. Kids have smaller hands and will find iPad Mini nicer to handle than an iPad. Some people find that the iPad is a little bit too heavy when they read books – personally I can’t figure that out, because I never hold the book/iPad in my hands while I read, I lean it on my bent legs. But of course, you need a bed or a couch to do that.

But the ability to use my fingers or a pen on the screen has made me change the way I do my creative work. I sketch on my iPad, I draw mind maps on my iPad, I create models on my iPad and I do a lot of research on my iPad. I do this as professional and I need my tools to be professional too. So, where is the iPad Maxi that I need? I need it because a lot of time I need a bigger picture to be able to overview all the details in a model, sketch or a mind map.

I have also learned a lot from using NoteShelf – an app that I can’t stop to admire because of it’s functionality. In NoteShelf I can spread out all the pages and get an overview and from there I can sort them, change the order. I can do that in KeyNote on my computer too. It’s a great feature. I wish it was possible to do it in iBooks, because when I read a book I often want to go through the text again and remind myself about what I have read. Even if iBooks got this feature, the pages would get very small in such an overview. But it would work out fine on an iPad Maxi…

So dear mr Tim Cook: Where is my iPad Maxi. I need it! I long for it!

(Byt the way, I’m not alone with my wish, I found this article on Arabian Money 

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