Enjoy more of Doris Svensson!

The first blogpost I wrote about Doris Svensson gets a lot of visitors and recently I found out that one reason is that one of her songs is to be heard in the video game Grand Theft Auto. I’m not sure that I like that video game, but I think it’s cool that Doris gets attention.

The video above is from 1971 and I just love to see the clothes! I remember that style – I was 9 years old 1971.

This video is from 1963, when I was only one year old and Doris is not yet that cool, jazz singer, but I think she’s pretty cool in this video too.

I’m not sure about how this video was done, but the music is Doris Svensson and you can see great scenes with typical style from the 60’s like it was in Sweden. Actually, I think it’s more like it was in the beginning of the 60’s than the end. Maybe they wanted it to be nostalgic even back in 1967?

There is a fan page on Facebook for Doris Svensson, though it’s in Swedish.